Super Bowl LV Preview

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By: Jamie Gatlin – Staff Writer

On Sunday night, the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will meet in one of the most intriguing Super Bowl matchups in years. 

Tom Brady will be looking to add to the record book as Patrick Mahomes, and the Chiefs will try to become the first team to win back to back titles since the Patriots in 2003 and 2004. The Buccaneers are also the first team to play in a Super Bowl hosted at their home stadium. 

For Brady, it will be his tenth Super Bowl appearance and the second for Mahomes. The Bucs quarterback will also become the first quarterback to start a Super Bowl in three different decades. As Tampa Bay tries to win its first title in 18 years, they will be facing a highly motivated Patrick Mahomes. 

Although Mahomes has a title of his own, he lost his only playoff matchup with Brady. That meeting came in 2018, where the Patriots won in an overtime thriller. Since then, Mahomes has rewritten the record books, and the Chiefs have dominated the AFC.

After winning it all in 2020, the Chiefs entered this season with the best odds to win the Super Bowl. Kansas City kept their championship roster intact and finished the regular season with a 14-2 record. While they had some close calls in the playoffs, they are now only one win away from another title. 

Although the Chiefs odds rarely changed throughout the season, the same can not be said for Tampa Bay. Through the Buccaneers’ first twelve games, they went 7-5. However, just as the season appeared to be slipping away, with the Bucs on a two-game losing streak, they won their final four regular-season games. 

That momentum has carried into the playoffs, where the Buccaneers have looked like a better team. The Bucs have had some close calls but have been able to knock off Brees and Rogers. Their odds have improved in that span while the Chiefs have stayed the same.

With the Super Bowl only days away, the Chiefs are the favorites over the Buccaneers. Regardless of the odds, it will be a close game and a classic between Brady and Mahomes.

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